This one likes her stories…

My mother claimed she knew what I was meant to do when I was a toddler.  She was reading to me and my sister as we colored in our brand new coloring books, and despite her best efforts she could not get us to pay attention. Finally, frustrated – she slammed the book shut and said “if you’re not going to listen, I’m putting the book away.” According to  my mother’s tall tale, I apparently stood up, outraged ,and repeated the story verbatim.  (More likely I whined and said “I want to hear the Princess story with the Prince”.) Truth being relative, I’ll leave it at that – but I’m certain she remembered one thing correctly – I LOVE STORIES, I’m addicted to them and that is why I write.  Sure, I write with an agenda, often – and maybe even educate a little bit,  but ultimately – its all about a story of people, and most likely, folks you’ve never met before. I primarily write about my mother’s nation (Tuscarora, Haudenosaunee) but I also write about folks from my father’s culture (Jamaica) and others I’ve met on my travels who have surprised me. I hope you enjoy getting to know them through my work.

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